August 10, 2022



Where to Play The game is an interactive map game and is a fun and educational game. Especially for the blind, students and young people it is enchanting.

This game has been projected by our management and the development of the project has been determined as follows.
The prototype of the game.
The game is made in mass production.
Promotion of the game in Turkey and abroad.
To be presented to places that are needed.

Benefits of the project

1) Provides a memorable settlement in a way that will never forget the knowledge of geography by teaching the regions of our country connected with very well known traditional information of the cities and their locations in these regions in a fun way.
2) Increasing the knowledge of the general culture by teaching the cities what they are famous for.
3) The shape of Turkey is constructed on a relief map. Where through the map, animal, vegetable-fruit, historical artifact, etc. Knowledge is asked to be remembered. Thanks to mini models. to all students, especially those with visual impairments will learn their environment values.
4)This play enhances auditory ability and sense of touch, enhances visual memory.
5) Increases their ability to find directions.
6) Improves control and follow-up ability, and increase the ability to hold in memory.
7) Increases sense and joy of competition.
8) The game is fun, emptying the accumulated energy of our children and young people.
9) It is played with two people, improving the feeling of friendship.
10) It contributes to the socialization of the person by increasing the self-confidence of the person.
11) It can be played within the family, thus strengthen family ties.
12) It helps children and young people spend more time with children and teenagers by moving them away from their computer games.
13) Because it can be played easily among the people who do not see, this will contribute to the integrated education.


Almost all holiday makers prefer to enter the sea. However, because the sea is not safe and there is a danger of drowning, they are obliged to choose non-hygienic dirty pool water. This situation affects children, disadvantages, and the people whose age-related movement functions are diminishing, and continues to be a concern for family vacations.
On daily bases at open-air public beaches, dozens of our citizens drawn every year.

With the safe sea platform project lifting all of these problems, people will be able to swim freely in the sea without fear. The sponsor’s quest for the project is ongoing and the steps of the project are as follows:

Preparation of the prototype.
Making series production.
Installation of the applicable coastal areas by the prototype.

Benefits of the Project:
It is possible to collect the benefits in three main groups.
General benefits:
It protects the visually impaired from skin diseases and infectious diseases that can be transmitted from pool water by providing them to prefer fresh sea water.
It increases the duration of stay in the water and provides more comfortable sports.
It minimizes the danger of drowning.
By determining the hazard overrun, it prevents people from going to dangerous areas.
Thanks to the umbrella shadows provided, it reduces the effect of harmful sun rays.
By use of the resting platforms, it allows you to sit in the water, chat and relax, there will be to the shadows on the fun tables where several games can be played.
It provides convenience for beginners to swimming.
Games and competitions contribute to the realization of a more relaxed environment.
Benefits to disabilities.
From safe marine platforms, visually impaired and walking disabled individuals will benefit significantly.
Visually impaired individuals will enjoy the freedom and fearlessness of swimming and will easily determine their direction.
The passage to the danger zone will be prevented.
People with impaired walking will often be able to swim for a short distance, so that they will be able to rest when they are tired.
Thanks to the platform, they will spend more time in the water.
Elderly people will have easiness benefits.
Fear of death, which is a human value, increases with age progression. For this reason, especially elderly people are hesitant to enter the sea. The platform will greatly reduce this feeling of older individuals.
Elderly individuals are sweating and tired quickly, spending more effort than younger people. When they are tired, they will be able to rest thanks to resting platforms.
Elderly people will have a conversation while resting thanks to their relaxation platforms, and will not feel the feeling of being alone.
Thanks to the close set platform, they will be able to exercise more by staying in the water and moving their arms and legs.


The project, carried out by the Ministry of Health at Gaziler Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation hospital, veterans who has lost their eyes recently are evaluated. The aimis to educate 4 veterans. In these trainings, computer, foreign language, self care, independent movement, piano lessons and speech art will be given.


Zorlu Holding
The scope of the project to be carried out with the ng-Vestel group includes the practical expression of technological progress of a cane for the visually impaired and other electronis house goods produced by Vestel to be suitable for the blind.


The scope of this project, which will be jointly run by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy and our association, is that our veterans are aware of technological developments.

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