June 12, 2024

Bayrak Magazine

On May 22nd, 2017, Bayrak Magazine started broadcasting in the format of an audio magazine aiming to enlighten all people who know Turkish language in the fields of news, education, culture, art, health and literature.

The Bayrak Magazine, which is published monthly, has gained the feature of a vocal magazine with the contributions of volunteer readers along with professional voices specialized in the field. Recent news, recent developments in culture and art are aimed at bringing as well as technological advances to the target mass in the most up-to-date manner.

By publishing the documents, the broadcast calls on people to be sensitive to these issues, contributing to the fostering of various folk cultures, environmental cleanliness, development of help and solidarity phenomena.
TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) collaborates, publishes radio theater, and is trying to teach people how to draw lessons from past events.

While advancing in the field of education, computer and technological tool use, new efforts are spend in foreign language learning, preparation for examinations by arranging courses, share of information and timely accurate and fast access to life making living conditions convenient.

Health corner takes care to educate healthy generations by contribution of experts.

The recent up-to-date books are voiced by volunteer readers, enabling literary works to reach to the reader.

Bayrak Magazine has started publishing life for the purpose of giving free services to the visually impaired, and the positive reactions that have developed have started to reach all those who can not see.

The magazine has been replicated to CDs and sent to various public institutions and organizations, to the provincial public libraries, military associations, schools, universities free of charge and it has been provided to listen to people in automobiles so that they can better make use of their time.
At the same time, accessibility of the magazine is ensured by publishing at our own web address and on various internet sites.

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